Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google closes 'Labs' to concentrate efforts on its strong products

Google closes 'Labs' to concentrate efforts on its strong products. As part of the restructuring that Google is taking place in recent weeks, the company has decided to close one of its development platforms. Google Labs was the place where the Mountain View company showed prototypes of products that were developing so users could try them. As reported by the company, this decision has been made ​​to prioritize their efforts on other products and to take full advantage of the opportunities "that the company has provided. "Although he learned a lot from the launch of prototypes in Labs , we believe that greater concentration is essential if we maximize the tremendous opportunities ahead, "they say. The company also claims that many of the products available on Google Labs will be incorporated in other areas of the company , for example, many products that are Android applications are still available in the Android Market . Despite the closure of its experimental wing Google promises to continue pushing forward the speed and innovation, the forces behind Labs , with all its products, as they did with the early release of Google + .

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