Thursday, February 09, 2012

How does Maps on the Nokia 710 Lumia

How does Maps on the Nokia 710 Lumia. The Finnish company Nokia mobile phones not only offers customers simple. The smartphone, also known as intelligent terminals allow the user to enjoy many more features, far from simple acts of calling and texting. As you know, the vast majority of devices and allows us to connect to the Internet to check our email, we make very good quality snapshots or we use them like a real dedicated GPS. If you have not explored your Nokia device's features Lumia 710, today you are welcome to do so. In fact, in this article we will deal in particular the question of the GPS and Nokia Maps, the package Espoo company offers its customers free of charge. We tell you how Maps so you can start enjoying the benefits of the service.

1) First, if you have not tried this new feature, you must access the "Marketplace" in the Windows Start menu to search Phone "Nokia Maps". When you find this application click on the "Install" button.

2) If you have this tool perfectly located, you can simply tap on the icon "Maps" located in the Terminal Applications menu. In fact, it makes sense that it is in its normal position so that the user can start using it.

From that moment and you can start using Nokia Maps to search for individual establishments, finding new places, see the routes for public transport and make the best route for pedestrians. You'll be wondering if this option also allows the phone to work as a GPS navigator for your driving routes. Well, in this case, the most interesting application called "Nokia Driver" and serves to get voice-guided directions, like a dedicated GPS navigator is involved. With this system you can receive the instructions needed to easily reach anywhere, of course downloading the maps and updates provided free Nokia.

At this point we remind you to enjoy good service, you will need to watch for downloads and updates that introduce new maps and information about them, plus unreleased features for the browser. If you do not know how to keep up your phone we recommend you follow the instructions that you gave to properly update the software on Nokia Lumia 710.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Netflix will come to the UK and Ireland in early 2012

Netflix will come to the UK and Ireland in early 2012. Netflix video company is already preparing his next step, after announcing that ultimately did not spin off its DVD rental service and revitalize Qwkister. The American company has announced its intention to continue to expand internationally and his arrival to the UK to Ireland in early 2012.

"With the launch, Netflix subscribers in the UK and Ireland will instantly see a wide range of television programs on their televisions and through a wide range of devices compatible with our streaming, such as PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile" explains the company on its official blog.

This move will make Lovefilm rival Netflix, a movie rental service European streaming which was acquired last year by Amazon for nearly 320 million euros. This platform is available in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden and has 70,000 titles in its catalog.

The U.S. expansion will add to that undertaken in 2010 to Canada and 43 Latin American and Caribbean countries last September.

Remains to be seen if the launch in the UK and Ireland will take place before he was scheduled for Spain. The premiere Iberian Netflix supposedly going to be held in January and was to be the begin the landing of the tool in the Old World, as revealed Pedro Perez (president of FAPAE) in mid-August. However, this statement from the American sobering that the Spanish market will not be the first in Europe to have the service.

Currently the number of Netflix users is 25 million people and its streaming service supports up to 700 gagdets, according to figures provided by the company
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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Steve Jobs, Apple founder has Die at 56

Steve Jobs, a founder of Apple and essential figure for understanding the evolution of technology in recent decades, has died tonight at age 56 after losing his battle with cancer he suffered, as announced by the company.

"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius and the world has lost an amazing human being" , reported by the company through a brief statement on its website . "Those who have been fortunate to meet and work with Steve we have lost a dear friend and mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built and spirit will always be on the basis of Apple," the note added The company, which has included a picture of Jobs in his home page as a tribute to one of its creators.

His family has also confirmed the news through a press release expressing his "deep gratitude" for the samples of condolence and support they have received at the news. The emotional text indicates that Apple co-founder died "surrounded by his family." "In his public life Steve was a visionary, in his private life completely devoted to his family" . Family members have also indicated that it has launched the Apple web space for fans to send their condolences and pay tribute to Jobs.

Jobs announced last August the resignation to the CEO position it occupied in the company for health reasons and named as successor to Tim Cook. The executive had been eight months out, since early this year , for medical reasons.

"I always said that if the day came when I could not fulfill my duties and expectations as CEO of Apple would be the first to let them know. Unfortunately that day has come," said Jobs then in the letter that went to the board of directors of the company.

It was not the first time that the executive was forced to relegate their duties because of his health. Earlier in 2004, he had pancreatic cancer several months of work section.

Since then, speculation about his condition have not stopped. In 2009 a new complication him back away from his duties at Apple. On this occasion suffered a hormonal imbalance reported in January that year and lasted six months, which took Jobs to recover from a liver transplant.

Throughout this year was seen several times in centers for cancer patients, although never confirmed that he had reproduced the disease. In 2011, very little publicly lavished reappeared for the presentation of the iPhone in February last March, an event that was greeted with a standing ovation and that was extremely thin.

'He will be missed'

Reactions to the death of Steve Jobs have not been slow in coming and soon after the news, his successor as the top leadership of the company, Tim Cook , said after learning of the death that "Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius and the world an incredible human being. "

Bill Gates also wanted to make public his condolences following the death of Jobs. Microsoft Chairman and eternal rival company Apple has said it will "miss." Gates wanted to emphasize her figure: "In the world rarely sees people who have as much impact as he and the consequences of their actions for generations to come." In addition, the computer mogul has stated that "for those who were lucky enough to work with, has been a huge honor."

Revolutionary genius and maverick

Steve Jobs is considered the driving force behind the success of Apple and the mastermind of the products that led to the highest to the company , including the mobile phone iPhone , the music player iPod or tablet iPad .

In 1976 he founded the company with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, and played a key role in the personal computer revolution. In 1985 he was expelled from the company, prompting a decline in Apple's revenues, which was reversed only with his return in 1996.

During the period when the environment was far from the block, in 1986, Jobs purchased a digital entertainment division with filmmaker George Lucas to ten million dollars and renamed it Pixar became the most successful animation studio in the world . Then he sold it to Disney for 7,400 million dollars.

She founded 'Next Computers' to realize its vision of personal computers powerful but elegant. Although a commercial failure, the scientist Tim Berners Lee used one to create the world wide web (www). Jobs sold the company after Apple, where its technology was the basis for the current Apple operating system.

When Jobs was rehired as chief executive of Apple revitalized the company with the iMac , a colorful one-piece computer. He outlined a strategy to make Apple products in the center of a digital lifestyle that was emerging.

Although strategically it was surpassed archrival Bill Gates, Microsoft, Jobs maintained the same vision it started with digital, which holds that for computers to achieve its optimum performance Apple had to keep control of both hardware and software . Finally, this stubborn insistence was the basis for his later success.

Apple launched the iPod in 2001 and in 2003 the online music store iTunes, which sold seven years more than 10,000 million songs and completely dominated the online music business.

The next great success of the iPhone Jobs was launched in 2007, which revolutionized the smartphone market and is expected to reach a total of 100 million units by year's end. The company launched the iPhone in 2010, which generated an unprecedented demand for tablets and sold over 25 million units so far.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

U.S. knocks Boecillo

U.S. knocks Boecillo. The satellite Deimos achieved a contract with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Two years after the satellite Deimos 1 began its journey, come the first results for a project in which their control of operations is from the Boecillo Technology Park and in front of him, the astronaut Pedro Duque. And the results are outstanding and that the turnover reaches five million annually and has achieved a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States, to provide two monthly full coverage of their territory. A project, expressed as Duke, intended for agriculture and environment and that has meant that 7800 has been taken pictures of the world and created a data file that covers an area of more than 690 million square kilometers, equivalent to five times the entire surface of the Earth. Deimos 1 has done for the European Space Agency (ESA) a complete inventory of all the world's tropical forests and now works for the EU to provide full coverage of Africa. Some images are also used to know, for example, estimates of crops, fire detection or control of spills anywhere in the world. In this regard, the Minister of Economy and Employment, Tom├ís Villanueva, highlighted the work done in Boecillo and Elecnor company cited as the best example of how to invest in innovation and to dispose of their products abroad. "They bet by encouraging the development of R + D + i for a policy of human capital." And the orders began to accumulate, so that Duke announced that the workforce (currently about thirty people) will increase between 10 to 15 percent. Now, the next challenges are to reach new markets such as East, especially China, Russia or South America, who have launched their own satellites, but have failed for various technical failures
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The 'tablets' of Microsoft do not have Flash

The 'tablets' of Microsoft do not have Flash. The same decision made by Apple at the time regarding the use of Flash has taken the face of Microsoft Windows 8. The version of Internet Explorer 10 for 'tablets' plug-ins will not run. The main reason is to promote the protocol HTML5, reduce the amount of resources that requires Adobe Flash and improve safety.

Microsoft has communicated this decision through its official blog "Building Windows 8 ' . The team ensures that the plug-ins available today do not take the best of the web based on HTML5.

This has been tested by the Microsoft team in the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10, which will be incorporated in version 'tablets' to Windows 8. 10 will be free Internet Explorer plug-ins in its Metro. "The execution of plug-ins version IE10 Metro improve battery life as well as safety, reliability and privacy for consumers," the company says . It also highlights that although from the beginning of the web, plug-ins have been important, now support these "hinder the user's browsing experience on the interface Metro".

According to an analysis by the Microsoft team, many Internet sites are already adapting to HTML5. Of the 97,000 most visited websites in the world, 62 percent have embraced the detriment of Flash HTML5, they say. Microsoft is joining the group of companies that have neglected Flash support for their devices. Apple also chose not to include Flash in Safari for IOS and enabled browser with support from other companies, claiming that this technology is full of errors, and consume much more battery power than other devices and overheating the account. What is not Microsoft has clarified is whether to allow other companies to launch the Windows Marketplace for 8 store that offer support for Flash, though it seems unlikely looking to boost its efforts HTML5.
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