Friday, May 06, 2011

iPhone 4.3.3 iOS, iPad 2 and iPod Touch Riview

iPhone 4.3.3 iOS, iPad 2 and iPod Touch Riview. Apple announced the release of version 4.3.3 of its IOS operating system. The update contains changes to the cache to safeguard privacy.

The new IOS 4.3.3, released by Apple solves partly the problem of tracking database using "locationgate" but not "close" possible "holes" used by hackers to unlock the device allows installation of applications not certified.

Version available on iTunes

The update addresses a total of 666.2 MB and is available through iTunes . It is compatible with the iPhone 4 (GSM model), the iPhone 3G, iPad 2 , IPAD and iPod Nano (third and fourth generation). 4.3.3 IOS improves battery life and optimizes some incidents of iPod Touch, and provide improved connectivity and GSM wireless networks.

Apple iOS 4.3.3: changes in the cache

Apple wants to settle the contentious issue on the user's geographic location through the iPhone, an upgrade that lets you delete the cache when the service closes, thus avoiding the devices stored for one year, the geographical coordinates of the user.

This controversy has led to a Senate committee the U.S. wants to hear the version of those responsible for Apple and Google , about the privacy of mobile phone user.
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Your privacy compromised

This controversial data collection began in June last year, with the arrival of the fourth version of the operating system IOS. In April, an engineer with software and an astronomer, discovered that the iPhone and 3G connectivity iPad recording the user's location in a file stored on devices in a synchronized manner. Such data are routinely collected by mobile operators, but otherwise by a court order, are completely confidential.

Apple confirmed that it records the location of the iPhone

" Apple has no record of the location of your iPhone. never did and has no plans to do ", said the company outright. In any case - say - have a database where the user is located.

The sole purpose of geolocation is to provide a seamless connectivity of the iPhone, connecting immediately with network points and wireless mobile networks closer.

However, Apple itself has recognized the technical difficulty of reconciling the speed and accuracy, with user privacy and assumed some responsibility for the confusion that has generated the event. The Cupertino company also acknowledged that the fact that these files are saved to the user for a year, was a blunder on their part by ensuring that the impact will be corrected by the iOS 4.3.3 .

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