Friday, April 22, 2011

Apple fights the 'world Android'

Apple fights the 'world Android'.  The company sued Samsung, Motorola and HTC, firms that have agreements with the Google system, analysts say that Apple seems to be intended to slow the acceptance of Android.

Steve Jobs would be able to claim up to her if she dared to develop a device Android, Said one expert who monitors the latest legal actions Apple against patent infringers.

"Instead of searching for the independent development of a product, Samsung has chosen blindly copying Apple's innovative technology, its distinctive user interfaces, and the elegant and distinctive design of its products and packaging, in violation of valuable intellectual property rights of Apple. "

Flowery language for something so devoid of grace as a claim for violation of patent and trademark, but that's the kind of legal rhetoric used Apple when presented on Friday April 15 suit in federal court in California against Samsung, one of its main suppliers, accused of copying designs iPhone and iPad, From the icons on the screen until the boxes are packed devices.

"Apple is fighting a patent battle against anything that smacks of Android," he wrote Patent FOSS Florian Mueller, who obtained a copy of the complaint made by 16 points. A year ago Apple sued HTC, And last fall did the same against Motorola, but Samsung have larger chests and plays a key role in the supply chain Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple last year bought a Samsung more than 6.000 million in chips, displays and other components.

"By going against Samsung, Apple clearly demonstrated her absolute determination to fight against 'everything Android." It seems that Steve Jobs is willing to sue a family member even if one of his relatives decided to build Android based devices, "writes Mueller.

However, this April 22, Samsung counterattacked by suing Apple for patent infringement.

The complaint was filed in South Korea, Japan and Germany. The South Korean firm said in a statement that the lawsuit involves five patent violationsBut gave no details about the technologies involved.

The following is the synthesis that Mueller claims for violation of intellectual property provided by Apple on Friday:

7 utility patents (ie hardware and software):

- Patent No. 7,812,828 on a "calculation of the ellipse in multi-touch surfaces" (which was the subject of federal lawsuit against Motorola)

- Patent No. 7,669,134 on a "Method and apparatus for displaying information during an instant messaging session (this is a software patent that allegedly violates the Google Talk chat client)

- Patent No. 6,493,002 on a "Method and apparatus for display and access the control and status information in a computer system (previously filed against Motorola in a federal lawsuit)

- Patent No. 7,469,381 on "scrolling, scaling and rotation on the touch screens" (presented by HTC in a lawsuit against federal)

- Patent No. 7,844,915 on "programming interfaces for moving or scrolling operations"

- Patent No. 7,853,891 on a "Method and apparatus for opening a window for a user interface"

- Patent No. 7,863,533 on a "button cantilever with multiple contacts and points of support" (a patent on hardware)

3 design patents

- Design Patent No. D627, 790 on a "graphical user interface to display a screen or a part thereof"

- Design Patent No. D602, 016 on an "electronic device"

- Design Patent No. D618, 677 on an "electronic device"

Commercial image rights

Apple claims it is "protected by trade dress law in the design and appearance of the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, and its distinctive user interfaces and product packaging." (Yes, in the eyes of Apple, Samsung boxes violate their rights.) Apple patents mentioned their brand image no. 3,470,983, no. 3,457,218 and no. 3,475,327.

Trademarks (ie 6 icons trademarks)

- U.S. Trademark No. 3,886,196 on an icon to dial (phone number)

- U. S. Trademark No. 3,889,642 on a chat icon

- U.S. Trademark No. 3,886,200 on a sunflower icon (for a collection of photos)

- U.S. Trademark No. 3,889,685 on a setup icon

- U.S. Trademark No. 3,886,169 on a notepad icon

- U.S. Trademark No. 3,886,197 on a contact list icon 

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