Friday, April 22, 2011

Samsung Electronics fights back against Apple

Samsung Electronics fights back against Apple with a lawsuit for patent violation - The U.S. company Apple has again become involved in one of those regular patent disputes among technology companies. On this occasion, the confrontation is with South Korea's Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has decided to sue Apple in South Korea, Japan and Germany for violation of ten pantentes related to its development mobile phone tablets, But has not detailed what specific technologies in question.

The company filed a lawsuit in court Seoul for violation of five patents, other Tokyo two violation of two patents and a final MannheimGermany, for violation of three patents.

This movement of Samsung responds to a first strike received from Apple. A few days agoThe company accused Apple Samsung copy the design and operation of the popular devices iPhone and iPad.

Apple already has patents on legal disputes with other manufacturers smartphones like Nokia or HTC.

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