Thursday, February 03, 2011

StoreJet 35T3, 2 TB external hard drive with USB 3.0

StoreJet 35T3, 2 TB external hard drive with USB 3.0 - Memory and storage products manufacturer Transcend introduce StoreJet 35T3, external hard drive measuring 3.5 inches with a capacity of 2 TB latest. Data transfer connection using SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface.

With USB 3.0, enabling faster backups of data done. Designed for users who are very concerned with the large capacity, StoreJet 35T3 not only offers a large number of 2TB of storage media, but also supports standard USB 3.0 generation is rapidly increasing data transfer up to 130MB / s. so fast it can transfer a DVD movie in 30 seconds.

This product also makes an external data storage becomes more efficient with one-touch buttons for Auto Backup. This exclusive feature usually found only on small-sized portable hard drive 2.5-inch. one-touch technology for Auto Backup helps users to directly be able to backup and synchronize data with their computer, make sure important files are perfectly updated to the latest version and be safely stored at the new location.

StoreJet 35T3 backed by a three-year warranty, and bundling with StoreJet elite software that offers 256-bit AES file and folder encryption, smart schedule for backups, internet tools and advanced security features. It looks elegant with glossy black color.

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