Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scratch Credit Card With iPhone 5 and iPad 2

Scratch Credit Card With  iPhone 5 and iPad 2  - Smart phone Can use Smart Phone can use to pay? That's what Apple's iPhone is equipped with a system of Near Field Communications (NFC).  But the smart phone that will only exist in the iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Users can pay anything just to stay friction through smart phones and tablets. A way that is very close to the needs of modern society with the technology industry.

Interestingly smart phones iPhone will be released June 5, and 2 in April next iPad comes with a PIN number, as well as machines for credit cards.

Later the two Apple products will be equipped NFC chip that can be used to pay with Visa or Master credit card. In America this is something new. By contrast, in England, NFC has been known to people familiar there. Because there are credit card companies are already using NFC chip.

Mentioned in addition to the iPhone iPad 2 and 5, another product that Apple is following in the footsteps of Google. Bloomberg Nexus S. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the NFC chip is much more secure for consumers. ''credit card industry was also feeling a lot better serve the community,''he said.

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