Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vodafone connects with mainland Spain

Vodafone connects with mainland Spain, Canary Islands "break the monopoly". Vodafone Spain has connected via submarine fiber optic cable the Canary Islands with the mainland, so you can "break the existing monopoly" in network infrastructure of the islands, the company said Thursday.

The firm explained that the project will provide new Canary voice and broadband data services, increased competition and turn the region into a strategic link between Europe and Africa, which will be a "catalyst" to boost the industrial canary.

Along the way, the submarine cable running through the waters of the exclusive economic zone off the coast of Spain Canaria. In this area the cable will be laid on the seabed at a depth between 2,300 and 3,600 meters.

This initiative is part of project 'West African Cable System (WACS)' in which involves a consortium of several companies that promotes the commissioning of a submarine cable fiber optic telecommunications than 14,000 miles of extension of the United Kingdom and come to South Africa.

WACS project cost is 650 million dollars and the Vodafone Group is one of its main investors with $ 79 million.

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