Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sony 'S1' a tablet PlayStation

Sony 'S1' a tablet PlayStation - As in all major exhibitions, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona had two faces, for public and media exposure, with projects close to launch, and only a few prototypes have been meeting behind closed doors. And one of these is the PlayStation tablet that Engadget claim to know.

According to the U.S. website, Sony is preparing a tablet Android 9.4 inches to 3.0 Honeycomb and dual-core mobile processor Tegra 2 prepared to fill the gap between the popular and upcoming VAIO notebooks Sony Ericsson Xperia. In fact, the last major vendor to join this new type of devices.

PlayStation Suite and Android

This model, with S1 codename, Belong to the PlayStation family to enhance the multimedia capabilities have been integrated into the platform. And above all, the video game. Engadget explains it, it says to have two independent sources.

"The tablet, as we have said, is focused 100% on Qriocity, Sony music, videogames, the "e-books' and video on demand service that Sony has just launched in Europe. Comes with One PlayStation games installed, Bravia Media and, yes, integration with PlayStation, though it is unclear whether Remote Play is limited to the tablet or if Android will be ready for PlayStation Suite ", explained from the blog.

Remote Play is a service that lets you control Sony PlayStation 3 from another device. For example, with a PSP are photos and videos stored on the desktop via the Internet. A function well below what is now offering PlayStation Suite, A new market for Android games (and classic emulated) driven by Sony's own through which to create a catalog of quality for Xperia PlayAlso known as the PlayStation Phone, and its new handheld console, known as NGP.

A unique design

PlayStation tablet does not conform to a design with a completely flat or slight incline as all who have seen to date. The S1 has a crease on the side "as a magazine folded in half to only see a page that allows you to write is lifted at any time or to better grip with one hand, with proper weight distribution.

The 'hardware' will have both front and rear camera, IR port and USB-A and some buttons. Are insured up and down the volume, while still in doubt include a button 'Q' to Qriocity function.

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