Friday, April 22, 2011

The Android phones will also record where their owners

The Android phones will also record where their owners - Like the iPhone, collect that data into a secret file. But now it was known that both Apple and Google get this information and stored in large databases. The services could be used for personalized online marketing.

What does your beloved cell phone while you carry them everywhere? Perhaps you are sending information to someone about your every move? The technological world lived a stir yesterday when it emerged that the latest versions of the 3G iPhone and iPad (tablets that connect to cellular networks) gather in a secret archive space-time data from their owners.

The controversy is gigantic now, after new data revealed by the Wall Street Journal. There, the security analyst Samy Kamar, who studied several smart devices, ensures that cell phones with AndroidGoogle's also collect data on the geographical location of their respective owners.

And not only that, but both the iPhone and Android phones, experts say, Send this information Apple and Google, respectively. These companies store it in large databases. But no one knows exactly for what purpose.

In the case of Google, Kamar studied a loaded HTC Android. The team recorded its location on a frequent and this information sent to Google several times per hour. He also conveyed the name, location and power any nearby Wi-Fi signalAnd a telephone number identifier. But any personal information about the owner of the cell.

Asked by Wall Street Journal, no source of Google declined comment.

Databases that keep Apple and Google could help them participate in the millionaire market for new services based on the "geo", which Facebook also wants to participate. This market is currently moving about $ 2,900 million year and could reach 8,300 million in 2014, again according to Gartner.

While everything seems to point to future mobile business in cyberspace, the new revelations put the always red hot hot debate about the right to privacy in the United States.

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