Thursday, May 05, 2011

Intel zooms in on next-generation 3D chips

Intel zooms in on next-generation 3D chips. The introduction of a new technology is a good reason to make a nice movie about how chips. Intel looks into the future 3D chip.

This so-called third dimension, the area where electricity flows through less contact with the isolated area. Leaking significantly less energy - which leakage is a problem but as chips continue to shrink, especially at 22 nm (nanometer) level that Intel now operates. Thanks to the 3D design is a smaller voltage needed to drive the chip: lower voltages on the 3D chip 37 percent more efficient than a similar chip on 32 nm.

This allows Intel chip well into the smallest gadgets such as phones or even smaller electronics can be placed. Currently, phone manufacturers mainly use other chips based on designs from Intel competitor ARM. In Tablet PCs are just processors of the U.S. chipmaker. Intel is found in more than 80 percent of home computers and heavy servers in data centers.

According to Mark Bohr, Intel engineer, the company introduced the new design a 3D chip much bigger jump than the 'normal' Moore's Law. That assumes that the number of circuits in a chip doubles every half to two years. "The low power consumption goes way beyond what we normally reach for a next-generation chip technology. It enables developers to improve existing products and reduce them to totally new products. We expect that this breakthrough Intel's advantage over the rest of the semiconductor industry will increase, "said Bohr.
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