Monday, June 20, 2011

Google tool to protect your online reputation

Google has launched Me on the Web, A tool that aims to help users to manage your identity on the Web. This tool will allow, for example, receive notifications when a user name or email address appear in news or web pages. Also give advice to remove unwanted material.

Me on the Web is available from Google Dashboard. Once inside, users can choose how often you want to be alerted if there are such things as your name, email address or telephone number on the Internet. In addition, you can enter new fields to controlling a personalized online reputation.
Thus, it is easier to ask the company to withdraw a result of its search engine (not the web, obviously, because Google does not have that power). In fact, since I'm on the Web can access a page with tips to remove information from Google.

What we write about you

"Your online identity is determined not only by what you write, but also for what they write about you other -Whether a mention in a blog post, tag a photo or response to a public status update, "says Google's blog.
Therefore, when someone looks up the name of a person, the results shown are a combination of user published information and published by others. Therefore, is important to control what is said. However, since Google also warn that the URL removal tool is designed to address "that must be removed urgently, such as URLs that have confidential data accidentally exposed."

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