Friday, July 22, 2011

Mac OS X Lion could reopen between Apple and Adobe

Mac OS X Lion could reopen between Apple and Adobe. The relationship between Apple and Adobe have been anything but idyllic. For a long time, the platform Flash Player from Adobe was not compatible with the phone company's Cupertino.

The situation came to a public clash with statements included crossing . However, finally, the 'war' was fixed and returned to normal relations.

However, the arrival of Mac OS X Lion seems likely to return to rekindle the controversy between the two companies. According to The Inquirer explains , the new version of Apple's operating system, which has reached a million downloads day , some Adobe products do not work properly.

Adobe has realized this and has posted a list of the 'known issues' compatibility between their products and Lion. The company suggests that from Cupertino might have turned off the accelerator 'hardware' in Flash , which directly affects its performance.

As they explain on their website, " Flash Player can cause increased CPU usage when playing a video , possibly related to disabling hardware acceleration. " In addition, ensure that "the native cursors are not working properly" and that "the configuration dialogs Flash Player does not respond to mouse clicks."

From Adobe ensure that the new system also creates problems in services such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat , and now, Apple has not appeared on this information which, if true, could reopen the battle between the two companies.

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