Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Microsoft hires engineers for the next Xbox

Microsoft hires engineers for the next Xbox - Microsoft is looking for hardware engineers to work on consoles "from conception to implementation."

"Five to six years' is historically the longevity of a console, the Xbox360 and about to celebrate its sixth anniversary in November, the computing giant is already preparing the ground for the next generation in digital entertainment.

According to the job offers posted on LinkedIn, Microsoft seeks a team 'responsible for defining and delivering the architecture of next-generation consoles, from conception to implementation. "

Specifically, positions are open to an architect of the hardware audio and video, an audio architect and an architect chart.

Parallel, is being sought also an engineer Wireless HD, which will play a 'vital role' in the development and verification of the Xbox and "future platforms."

The Department of Xbox is looking for an engineer to design and verification of a hardware verification engineer senior
The console from Microsoft came out in 2005, with various hardware problems that cost the company millions of euros because of the guarantees.

Research to solve problems that resulted in the model sold today, the slimline Xbox 360 S, which is available in 4 GB and 250 GB, according to Gamespot.

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