Wednesday, March 09, 2011

HP boss wants WebOS in all its PCs

HP boss wants WebOS in all its PCs - Fashion is definitely CEOs who are not in the language of wood. In an interview with Business Week , Leo Apotheker, freshly arrived at the head of HP, balance. He said the company has "lost its soul."

A key to find its identity: focus on innovation and not just on cost reduction. The former head of SAP means for example that all HP computers sold in 2012 can run WebOS, the mobile operating system that HP has reclaimed by buying Palm for $ 1.2 billion last year.

Speak he dual-boot Windows / WebOS WebOS or running in Windows? Apotheker did not provide details. He confides his wish to see just WebOS become a "platform mass" and a way for HP computers to differentiate from the competition.

Apps, the sinews of war

Hailed by critics as an innovative and fun to use, WebOS Equip for now that smartphones. It must, however, landed in the TouchPad Tablet , expected this spring.

Still, he has a disability face iOS and Android: the lack of available apps (6,000 cons more than 200,000 to its competitors). Also, the idea of boosting the stock of machines compatible in inviting himself on the PC (HP is the world number one) has a certain charm, while the market Apps gently off computers (Chrome App Store, Mac App Store ).

If HP is moving in this direction, RIM would end up a little more isolated, with a BlackBerry / playbook unattractive to developers. As a result, the company might be forced to make Android apps compatible with his system, like the murmur a persistent rumor.

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Anonymous said...

Bold move! WebOS may work very nicely with tablets, if HP ever releases any. Good luck conjuring up an ecosystem to rival Apple and Google, though.

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