Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Apple Operating Sistem (OS) 4.3 iOS

Apple Operating Sistem (OS) 4.3 iOS - Among the new IOS 4.3 emphasizes the increased performance and speed when surfing on the move. This is accomplished by including a motor Safari Nitro JavaScript. In fact, this was introduced by Apple for the first time in the desktop and now comes standard on WebKit, the technology on which Safari is based. With this, Apple gets double the speed of JavaScript by collecting run-time and therefore faster to navigate.

Another element we have noted in the intro is "Home Sharing". This feature allows users to play music and movies from the iTunes library on a Mac or PC into a iPad 2, iPhone or iPod Touch through a local Wi-Fi. That is, it is an integration of all Apple computers will be able to share content.

"Internet Sharing" and AirPlay

Apple uses Wi-Fi technology to create a network between devices. With "Internet Sharing" is possible to share a data connection iPhone 4 up to five devices in combinations of up to three computers Wi-Fi, three USB and one Bluetooth. Plus, you always know how many devices are networked and have a password for connections. This is what allows iOS 4.3, another thing is what allows the network operator.

As AirPlay is a wireless technology that allows us to play streaming music, pictures and videos on Apple TV (second generation). This means that we can enjoy recorded videos on TV with IPAD 2, iPhone or iPod Touch, web pages and photos that we can move as if they were operative.


iOS 4.3 release is available as a free software upgrade from 11 March. It is compatible with the iPad iPad 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 (GSM model) and the iPod Touch for third and fourth generation.

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