Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Motorola ATRIX Lapdock High-end Android

Motorola ATRIX  Lapdock High-end Android - At the Mobile World Congress 2011 I was lucky enough to play around and test the ATRIX Motorola , the high-end Android Motorola's newest addition is to be assembled in Argentina, but what is interesting is that beyond the phone can prove Lapdock a fixture reminiscent of the Palm Foleo, but who acts in such an interesting and fast.

To understand it more simply, the dock has the function of converting the phone into a sort of netbook on steroids that connects to the Internet but also makes a "mirror" of your phone with what you can from making calls to download and manage applications while in the lapdock you can connect to the "cloud" and so remote access to corporate documents through Citrix ... an interesting detail, the Lapdock have two batteries so the phone is charging while you use

Media Dock for Motorola Atrix
One thing I was struck by how it worked was the Atrix Motorola multimedia dock because as a team can play in full HD and have good internal memory, expandable with a simple accessory becomes a multimedia player.

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