Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Download Android 3.0 SDK Final Available

Download Android 3.0 SDK Final Available - The release of Android SDK 3.0 Honeycomb "Final" is available since this morning and now I have provided the link.

Since Android Developers have said all the changes that are not few and I have discussed not long ago in a fairly recent news.

Android 3.0 SDK is the tool needed to be ported to other devices, including tablets known with a resolution greater than that of mobile phones to be adapted.

2.3.3 launched Android, which Google is less concerned to have a major release since Ice Cream will be released in little more than a few months, it is assumed.

To start testing a direct way is convenient to go to the original link to go testing it on different devices, including mobile phones.

We provide the final link to the news so you can test it if you want to phone or even in the familiar tablets of 8.9 inches.

Download : Android 3.0 SDK

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