Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 (Four) Benefits Wifi

4 (Four) Benefits Wifi  - WIFI not only useful for accessing the internet tablets. Many things can be done with the help of wifi. Hmm ..., what about you? Yuk search know here.

1. Change the Smartphone so Remote Control

If all the computers in the house connected to the network wifi, we can connect all the devices with smart phones (smartphone) And control everything from smartphone. To prove it, can be tried by enabling applicationsRemote-controlling iTunes on iPhone or all-encompassing Gmote in Android.

2. Submit Documents from Smartphone to Printer

For those who have five printer at home, there is no term is difficult if want to print in any room. Come take advantage of the wifi network for You can print from a different room. Printing can take documents at smartphone or computer.

3. Forward Notification from Smartphone to a Computer

If using a mobile phone based on Android, we can send notification incoming calls and SMS, and the battery to the computer platform Windows, Mac or Linux. How, yes to enable network wifi and Android notifier. That is, when she was working with a computer, you do not worry will not hear the phone or SMS messages.

4. Transfer Photos from Digital Camera

Some models of digital cameras are now supported network wifi. That means we can transfer photos from digital cameras to computer through the network. Not only that, some cameras are also now already equipped with the ability to upload photos to various sites like Flickr, Up and Picasa.

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