Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazing phones and tablets at the Mobile World Congress

Amazing phones and tablets at the Mobile World Congress - The biggest technological actors, except for Apple, they were in Barcelona to show the products launched this year to the global market of wireless devices. "Smartphones" and similar computers to the attention focused iPad

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which took place between Monday and Thursday is the meeting industry's largest wireless telecommunications and the 2011 edition exceeded expectations.

Some 60,000 visitors toured the stands and presentations from 1,400 companies. Highlighted Nokia and Microsoft with the announcement of their partnership to sell Finnish mobile manufacturer equipped with Windows Phone 7.

But Android , the operating system of Google was the real star of the show, because he was present in most new phones introduced.

The tablets had a leading space. Models that seek to threaten the reign of the Apple iPad showed multiple multimedia capabilities.

Here, the main products presented at the annual meeting of the phones in the Catalan capital.

BlackBerry Playbook
The tablet of RIM, the maker of the famous BlackBerry, has two models to support wireless broadband LTE and HSPA.

Compete with other terminals as the iPad consolidated and tablets with Android, but with the approach that gives BlackBerry products.

ViewPad 10Pro

The company Viewsonic is a classic player market for monitors, but entered the phone market and tablets with these models.

The ViewPad 10Pro is a tablet with dual-boot functionality that lets you choose between using Android 2.2 or Microsoft Windows 7.

Viewsonic V350
It is a "smartphone" Viewsonic with Android 2.2 and support for using two SIM cards simultaneously and receive calls from both.

Acer A100 Iconia Tab
Acer is one of the leading manufacturers of computers that went into the tablet market called Tab Iconia A100, with Honeycomb 3.0 operating system Android.

Acer Smart Iconia
Acer also decided to enter the business of "smartphones" with Android.  The kit comes with capabilities of a tablet in your format.

The Chinese company announced in Barcelona three new phones: the ZTE Blade (pictured), and ZTE ZTE Skate Dude, all with Android.

The terminals will be available only in Europe and Asia.

HTC Desire S
It is the successor to the HTC original Desire. Innovation in design and runs on Android 2.3.3.  It has a 3.7 inch screen in a single piece of aluminum that is the core of its design.

Samsung S II Galaxy
This supercomputers has dual-core processor that combines an unparalleled viewing experience thanks to the AMOLED screen Super Plus with exceptional performance.

The model uses Android 2.3 (also known as Gingerbread), the latest mobile operating system of the world's fastest growth in units.

Xperia Play
Phone is the latest range of Sony Ericsson smart computer, Xperia, based on Android.

By sliding the game controller, users enter a new world of mobile gaming. The slider control sets D reveals a digital control pad, two analog touch controls, two buttons and the four icons PlayStation circle, cross, square and triangle.

LG 3D Optimus
The Optimus 3D is equipped with a dual-core processor of a 1GHz OMAP4 and video decoders four times more powerful than other competing designs.

Provides the first 3D experience on a cell phone world, and that records, displays and content sharing in three dimensions.

Optimus LG 2X
The first "smartphone" in the world with dual-core processor, developed in partnership with the company Nvidia.

The dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 team works with high performance and low power consumption for audio and video.

Motorola unveiled a near final version of its first tablet Google Experience, though no release date and launch price.

Honeycomb using Android 3.0, the review of Google's mobile operating system, designed specifically for tablets.

Facebook phones
HTC introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona two terminals designed to reach agreement with Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was not in Barcelona but sent a videocomunicado in which he welcomed the launch of these two phones.

One model has a physical QWERTY keyboard and another with large touch screen.

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