Monday, October 11, 2010

In China iPhone Sale Off 70%

In China iPhone Sale Off 70% - A news site in China, China Daily reported over the last month the price of the iPhone in the market fell from 20 thousand Yuan to be around 6,000 Yuan. According to the report, Apple's smartphone prices fall due to low interest in the community to purchase and the problem of poor function of the antenna on the mobile phone.

"Many customers want to buy the iPhone but they are always asking about the function of the signal and we can not answer it," said Liu hailing, one of Apple's biggest vendors in the shopping district of Zhongguancun, Beijing. That is why Liu dare slam the phone prices by 70 percent.

Although the iPhone 4 has not been officially launched in China mainland, but actually a lot of interest in this handset as a reflection of status symbol users. Liu added, even though 4 has cut the price of the iPhone, but still a little interested to buy it

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