Monday, October 11, 2010

Specs & Price Aple iPhone CDMA

Specs & Price Aple iPhone CDMA - A new report says Apple Inc. 's iPhone device was setting up a new model that can operate on cellular networks CDMA (code division multiple access). This initiative started Apple since the partnership began with Verizon Wireless. However, there are no signs CDMA iPhone that will be present in the near future.

Rumors about Verizon Wireless will also market the Apple iPhone has been long outstanding. But, Lowell McAdam, president of Verizon Wireless, had underestimated the possibility of the iPhone work on Verizon's 3G network.

"And, it's true. Because it is our hope that there is a device that you can work on Verizon's 4G networks," McAdam said on the sidelines of the wireless conference in San Francisco. Meanwhile, citing explanations Apple Inc., the Wall Street Journal says that is true if the company 'was developed by Steve Jobs plans to mass-produce the iPhone specifically in CDMA cellular networks.

Possible iPhone CDMA version will begin production later this year, and marketed in 2011. As we all know, Apple until today only have an iPhone that can only operate on the GSM network. In Indonesia, Telkomsel's only official and exclusive market, while in the U.S. distributed by AT & T.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal also said that Apple is now developing a fifth generation iPhone that are determined to have a 'look' is different than previous versions.

Through the Wall Street Journal, Apple only describes the iPhone design is completely new, and has a larger screen than the iPhone is currently available. No further details about the pricing

According to Apple is a little boost Apple's share price by 25 cents at the close on Wednesday at the level of U.S. $ 289.19. Meanwhile, the price of shares of Verizon rose 28 cents to U.S. $ 33.36 and AT & T fell 32 cents to U.S. $ 28.6.

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