Sunday, October 10, 2010

America Have Enjoyed 4G Network | All About 4G Network

America Have Enjoyed 4G Network | All About 4G Network - Most people in the United States (U.S.) have enjoyed a 4G technology LTE (Long Term Evolution). Operator Verizon promises that about 70% or 110 million people country, Uncle Sam will be served LTE 4G network later this year.

4G LTE service from Verizon will be offered in 38 cities including New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San José. In addition, 62 airports will also receive services.

Verizon lunge kick seemed to make a hot rival operators, the new AT & T will hold a 4G service next year. Parties to assess the AT & T Verizon too hasty menggeber LTE services. But Verizon did not give a damn. They seem to want to benefit from its image as the first telecommunications operator LTE services widest release in the U.S..

Actually what is 4G network, to explain all of it of course you should read the Nine things you need to know about 4G networks

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