Friday, October 08, 2010

Which one is better? Nokia N8 or iPhone 4

Which one is better? Nokia N8 or iPhone 4 - Line of smart phones (smartphones) made by large vendors increased again. After Apple launched the iPhone 4 in June 2010, at the beginning of October 2010 Nokia also started to distribute the N8 to all subscribers. You certainly will be difficult to choose one of the best product of this.

In order not one chose, let's look at the specifications attached to these two gadgets. In terms of dimensions and weight, the difference between the N8 and the iPhone 4 is not too significant. N8 has dimensions of 113.5 x59x12, 9 mm with a weight of 135 grams.

iPhone 4 dimensionless 115.2 X58, 6x9, 3 millimeters with a weight of 137 grams. Supported data network was not much different. N8 offers GPRS and EDGE class B, HSDPA with a maximum speed of 10.2 Mbps, 2.0 Mbps HSUPA speed, WLAN IEEE802, 11 b / g / n.

While the iPhone 4 supports data access through a network-speed Class 10 GPRS 32-48 Kbps and EDGE Class 10 with 236.8 kbps speed, speed HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA with speeds of 5.76 Mbps, and 802.11 b wifi / g / n.

One thing to be observed, the speed they offer remains dependent on the cellular network operator is used. For connectivity, they are also equipped with Bluetooth and USB slot. Both the iPhone 4 also N8 and mutually supportive services GPS and push email. It seems that the two features that now it has become standard in a smartphone.

The difference between the N8 and the iPhone 4 lies on the operating system they use. iPhone 4 adopted iOS4 which is Apple's latest operating system.

iOS4 comes with multitasking capability and create folders as you wish so that users can put applications that are downloaded from the App Store in a folder makes. In addition, iOS4 also allows users to view messages from all email accounts in an integrated inbox.

Meanwhile, N8 wearing platform based on Symbian 3 and Java MIDP 2.1. Symbian 3 comes with more than 250 new features. Symbian Party claims that they offer features also support the creation of high-quality video content though viewed through a large-screen TV.

The camera was a mainstay N8. To that end, Nokia set-resolution 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, F number (aperture) F2, 8, 5.9 Millimeter focal lengths, autofocus function, face recognition application and Xenon flash. Facebook users can make video calls, the Finnish mobile phone vendor also installed two cameras.

Secondary camera VGA adopt tech screen with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. While the video camera has a resolution of 720p with quality high definition.

As with the N8, the iPhone 4 apply the 5 Megapixel resolution camera. Even so, the camera is equipped with the ability to geo-tagging video and can record video with resolution 720 p.

If you are a hobby taking pictures, but lazy to carry a camera, the Nokia N8 seems the right choice. However, the iPhone was no less fun because of its 5 Megapixel resolution camera is sufficient if only just to capture the important moments along the journey

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