Friday, October 08, 2010

Review : Fujitsu UH900 Notebook Touch Screen

Riview Fujitsu UH900 Notebook Touch Screen - notebook computer In the midst of competition, especially the presence of cheap and affordable netbooks that most consumers, a challenge to be able to bring computer technology products that can attract many people.

This at least is trying to do the Fujitsu from Japan which is known to produce quality computer products and is known to have advanced and reliable technology, such as miniaturization of components of the motherboard that can contain a variety of hardware features, such as a 3G modem that contains a SIM card or GPS to determine direction .

The price is quite expensive in the cheap netbook computer competition among other multinational brands cause Fujitsu need to seek different forms of design and technology in order to keep the product at once classy and capable of reflecting the lifestyle of its users

Fujitsu is also aware of the advantages of the miniaturization that combines various features of the futuristic hardware. As a result, the LifeBook series of products in categories UH900 weighing just 500 grams the lightest notebook.

Touch screen

LifeBook UH900, packaged in a very small size with long dimension of 20.4 cm and 10.65 cm wide, feels like holding a wallet in the hands of users. Fujitsu new product is also available in various colors, adjust the taste for the lifestyle user.

Monitors are used UH900 size 5.6 inches (14.22 cm diagonal) WXGA SuperFine technology that can deliver a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. Display a clear and sharp monitor also still equipped with a passive touch technology, allowing users to control Windows 7 with touch.

UH900 LifeBook touch screen technology is different from the touch-screen technology in general because UH900 notebook allows users to do multi-touch, zoom web sites or digital photos with your fingers.

One of the highlights is the users can also use the thumbs to type on a QWERTY keyboard because its size makes it possible to do that. LifeBook UH900 a perfect product if the monitor is not as small as existing, but extends to meet the entire section

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