Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Best Four Application iPad 2010

The Best Four Application iPad 2010  - Want to know what interesting applications to be accessed via your iPad in October 2010? Well then, let's peep the following article.

Coca cola heritage timeline
Application of this one right choice for fans of soft drink a coke. Inside are 124 coke history and shown in video form. You may be surprised because coca cola timeline heritage as a secret formula called the cocaine in the making of coke.

New Yorker
If you want to have fun with your iPad, the application of the New Yorker could be an alternative. To get it, you are charged U.S. $ 5 per issue form. The amount is large enough, but you're guaranteed to delight.

It is a service of social feeds that displays tweets, RSS feeds and other updates in the form of the timeline or by time. Various update and search the keywords you can also add to the timeline.

Super mega worm
Game this one will be more fun when played on the iPad than the iPhone. Therefore, the iPad has a much larger screen so you can capture the expression petulant caterpillar that became a major player in this game more clearly

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