Monday, October 25, 2010

3D Technology In Projector NEC NP-216

3D Technology In Projector NEC NP-216 - NEC NP-216 with 3D ready technology, providing crystal clear images with a resolution of 1024 x 768 native XGA, has high contrast (2000:1) because it is equipped with the latest technology from Texas Instruments DLP BrilliantColor so dihasilkanpun color system has the brightness and color saturation up to 2500 ANSI lumens.


Why Texas Instruments DLP technology is so special in the NEC NP-216 projector is because the technology offers the ability to project 3D images are so smooth and easy for users to present the learning modules as desired.

"In Indonesia, beginning in 2011 the government will encourage the use of 3D projector. Therefore creating a projector NEC NP-216 with 3D ready technology, which could change the way students learn and even more so with the additional features of variable audio-out for connecting external speakers to the projector so that it can improve the learning patterns of students to be more focused again, " bright Deputy Manager, NEC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Multimedia Business Unit, Eugene Low.

Furthermore, NEC is also providing technology that can reduce power consumption up to 210W which is suitable for the education community, business and SMEs. Moreover with the use of ECO Mode technology, which makes the average lamp life is extended up to 5000 hours, technology quick start and quick shutdown (3-4 seconds) allows the projector to be used and turned off without having to wait cooling period long.

ECO Mode Applications NEC NP-216 projector can also be found in remote with a button that serves as a support carbon footprint meter which can reduce carbon emissions from the projector.

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