Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corsair Flash Survivor GTR Spesification

Corsair Flash Survivor GTR Spesification - Corsair Flash Survivor GTR is a flash drive that promises many advantages, is more than just a data storage media. GTR Flash Survivor is designed as a product that is resistant to extreme environments, whether it is the condition of heat, cold and severe shock and impact. This product has a housing made of aluminum with aircraft-grade standard. Aluminum is so strong to protect the NAND flash in it, providing extra protection and minimize risk of data loss resulting from extreme external conditions. EPDM waterproof seal, providing extra protection from leakage even when the product is within a depth of 200m below the surface of the water. Flash Survivor GTR armed with high-performance NAND flash read / write speeds are very promising, to 34 MB / s and 28 MB / s. Transfer of large capacity files such as photos and videos, will be a fun job, because all can be done very easily and quickly. Survivor GTR is compatible with USB2.0 interface and the version below and can be used on various operating systems including Windows 7 and Linux. For extraordinary quality, the Corsair warranty aftermarket for 10 years.

  • Encased in extremely strong CNC-milled, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Water resistant to 200M through the use of a EPDM waterproof seal.
  • Protected from vibration or impact damage through the use of a molded shock dampening collar. - Super fast, ultra-rugged, water-resistant up to 200M, and with speeds of up to 34MBs/read and 28MBs/write.
  • Plug-&-Play with any USB 2.0 certified peripheral computer port (backward compatible with USB 1.1).
  • USB extension cable and Dog Tags included.
  • Protected by a 10-year Limited Warranty.
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