Monday, October 25, 2010

Android Phones Tight as Ferrari | The Liquid E Ferrari Specs

Android phones tight as ferrari - The Liquid E Ferrari special edition is the latest generation smartphone exclusively created by Acer. The design is so detailed in harmony with the spirit of racing red lights, bringing together a strong service starting from Android 2.1 platform combination of performance and best quality ingredients, making this smartphone into elegant gadget for those who like luxury.

With support by Snapdragon 768MHz CPU underclocked 8250, you can feel the feel of speed seemed to climb the Ferrari F1 racing car is super fast straight from the smartphone dimension 115 x 64 x 12.75 mm with a body made of carbon fiber that is strong, making bekapasitas 3.5 WVGA screen in-cell transitive perfect high-resolution touchscreen is used to access the Android Market and the various pages of social networking sites.

Liquid E price € 650.00 you will get a certificate of origin Acer Ferrari E Liquid Edition and diverse accessoris elegant red Ferrari

Liquid E price € 650.00, Mobile phones bearing the gallant horse is able to capture a special moment because it comes with a 5MP autofocus camera that can be stored in memory 8GB microSD helpless.

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