Monday, December 20, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg Person of The Year 2010

Mark Zuckerberg Person of The Year 2010  - Mark Zuckerberg was selected as Person of the Year 2010 version of the magazine Time . His face social networking inventor up it appeared as a magazine cover Time latest edition.

Zuckerberg, 26, is a young leader who in recent years has been able to influence the world community via Facebook. Even the finding that social networks have introduced Obama to the U.S. public arena before the fight to the presidential election.

He is a young figure both options Time . Previously, a fairly prestigious magazine that never chose Charles Lindbergh as a young child first as Person of the Year in 1927. Lindbergh was the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. 

Time in his press conference to say, good or bad up, the inventor as well as its founder Mark Zuckerberg has contributed greatly to the advancement of information technology.

''This year alone there were 500 million users of Facebook. A large-scale transfers have our lives to the virtual world,''said the editor of Times Richard Stengel when announcing the winner of Person of the Year on the Today show, which aired on NBC , December 17.

Stengel added that Facebook is not just a new technology. ''This is a social technology that changed our relationship with others. I really think Facebook is really affecting people's lives, never before seen.''

Zuckerberg when he graduated from Harvard University in 2004 has made a site called The effort was already started when he was 19 years old. Unexpectedly homemade social network that has produced extraordinary profits.

This year alone, led Zuckerberg corporate profits reached U.S. $ 2 billion or about RP18.1 trillion more. Although wealthy, Zuckerberg has donated U.S. $ 100 million or about 9 billion more for a school in Newark, New Jersey. 

Leadership also have made the journey of the young man was appointed to the big screen with the title The Social Network

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