Monday, December 20, 2010

IBM's Five Predictions on Technology Innovation

IBM's Five Predictions on Technology Innovation  - Year is the presence of tablet computing devices began to shift in PC sales. Wonder what else will happen in the next five years? IBM had a few guesses. The following five innovation may be a 'hit' in the technology market: 

Better Batteries

Although the battery capacity and power increased by 7% per year, IBM estimates that form a smaller battery with the power 10 times longer than they are today.

3D Hologram

Impressions of three-dimensional changes everything more real. Later telephone, TV and all kinds of 3D holographic screen will be facilitated.

Temperatures in the computer

IBM expects the production of energy from the server computer can be used as a heating and air conditioning technology in a building.

Personal GPS

IBM predicts this technology can attract more traffic data 'real time'. It could even show an alternate route and notify the car park are available.

Everyone can be a scientist

IBM believes that the sensor smartphone, cars, computers and social networks will help scientists get a picture of 'real time' and how to live. In other words, ordinary people can contribute their thoughts to help scientific research

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