Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PlayStation Console to Military Computers

 PlayStation Console to Military Computers  - Force United States Air change almost 2000 Sony PlayStation console into a full-powered supercomputer to run the military tasks.

New computer named Condor, created from a gaming device Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the United States in New York. This measure is intended as an effort to create cost effective and green alternative to conventional technologies.

Condor consists of a collection of 1760 Sony PlayStation 3. Unification of processors with high-end technology to create a device 50,000 times faster than the average consumer laptop.

This device will handle tasks including research 'artificial intelligence', the introduction of pattern detection and analysis of the amount of weight a picture of the system 'surveillance'.

"Condor cheaper than equivalent devices that perform the same task," explained Director of High Power Computing from AFRL.

"The total cost of Condor system about U.S. $ 20 million. This saves costs between 10-20 times an equal performance of the devices."

This supercomputer is the result of military laboratory initiative to explore the potential of using inexpensive commercial software.

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