Friday, April 08, 2011

Smartphones and tablet computers will exceed sales in 2011

Smartphones and tablet computers will exceed sales in 2011 - The forecast is part of Deloitte, which states that will be sold 400 million units of mobile devices mentioned. Networks Public Wi-Fi will compete with mobile internet services operators.

"Predictions on Technology, Media and Telecommunications for 2011" is the title of the Deloitte report, which indicated that about 10 million tablets will be purchased by companies.

Amid the boom in mobile devices, consumers should evaluate "carefully price, performance, shape and other variables," says Deloitte.

At the same time, rising sales in the industry will make applications for mobile devices to grow 60% to reach USD 10,000 million move.

More trends
Deloitte's work also says that the large supermarket chains installed Wi-Fi networks in their branches in order to improve the shopping experience, create personalized offers online and collect useful information about consumers and their tastes.

This year, public networks will compete with Wi-Fi Internet service mobile cellular operators.

According to Alberto Lopez Carnabucci, socio Industry Leader Technology, Media and Telecommunications at Deloitte Latin America "in 2011 the volume of data transmitted over public networks using handheld Wi-Fi will exceed 25 to 50 percent by volume information sent through cellular networks broadband. "

In this context, "the charge made by operators for mobile internet concept will be justified only by some very specific sales."

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