Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Firefox final version for Android

Firefox final version for Android - Firefox 4 for mobile is available in 10 languages ​​and can be downloaded from Android Market. Also available for devices Maemo. Is compatible Android 2.0 onwards.

The browser has Sync Firefox, Which gives users access to navigation history, bookmarks, open tabs, forms data and passwords across multiple computers and mobile devices.

According to the information, the mobile version of Firefox lets you customize the features, functionality and appearance of mobile web browsing via Firefox add-ons.

Firefox is up three times faster than the browser built into Android, Said Mozilla.

The browser lets you capture web sites of interest, such as addresses or boarding passes to be viewed in PDF later, ie without being connected.

It is able to provide the user the ability to share web sites through applications email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader, among other.

Support Firefox HTML5 Android and Maemo-based navigation includes the location, orientation of the device, accelerometer and notifications on the desktop, including.

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