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Gadget iPad Bestsellers 2010 in Indonesia

Gadget iPad Bestsellers 2010 in Indonesia  - About any gadget that most consumers loved Indonesia in 2010? The following reviews the best-selling gadget of the year 2010 from information technology experts as well as lecturers ITB, Budi Rahardjo.

1. IPad tablet and Samsung Galaxy Tab

IPAD has a form view that is almost similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone. All applications are built-in on the iPad, designed from the ground up to facilitate the use of multi-touch on the big screen. Advantages iPad than any class notebook is its battery endurance. While the rival Galaxy Tab iPad offers the advantage that no iPad like a smaller size, including a camera and flash player.

2. Mobile Android by price Rp1.500.000

Android since the beginning of a concept as a software-based computer code that is distributed openly (open source) and free. Open source is actually the key word why Android is so sexy in the eyes of the adventurers gadgets.

The advantage of open source, many software developers who can see and use the code and can create new applications in it. One thing that is unique, it contained a variety of applications in a portal, the Android Market, so that the user just install the application choice.

3. Game Console, Kinect

Kinect presence in the homeland highly coveted game lovers. The importers are competing to bring Kinect in Indonesia. Kinect present a new controller for the Xbox 360. This control system was born with 3-dimensional camera and sensors that can recognize gestures players. Game console from Microsoft is a tool that can provide new gaming experiences.

4. 12 MP digital camera with a price Rp1.500.000 - Rp 2.000.000

The presence of intelligent and simple camera is in great demand of domestic consumers. As the features easy to administer, affordable prices and to produce a good image display.
For example, the Canon PowerShot A3100 IS. Compact digital camera output in January 2010 was facilitated optical image stabilized 12.1 MP, 4x optical zoom and mode LCD 2.7.
Sony also issued a product at a price equivalent. Call it the SONY Cybershot W310. This camera is equipped with a â € ~ G € ™ high-performance lens with magnification up to 4x optical zoom. 28mm wide lens equipped Sony technology SteadyShotâ "¢ Image Stabilization, produce clear pictures even photographed in low light conditions, both within and outside the room.

5. Netbook generation ATOM

Intel Atom processor-based platform that is used in netbooks still the target of students and households. In addition to an affordable price range between Rp3.000.000 â € "Rp4.000.000, netbook is sufficient to meet the standard needs to surf, check email, chat and type in Office formats.

Budi predict, Android applications are still in demand in 2011. Because Internet-based applications are widely available and suitable for mobile users who frequently access the Internet data.
Applications''social network integrated with one another in a single device indispensable Indonesian market next year. In addition, tablets of war between the IPAD and Samsung Galaxy Tab to continue.

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