Saturday, January 01, 2011

Online Shopping Still Seasonal Interest

Online Shopping Still Seasonal Interest  - MANY people began to like shopping online. However, expenditure trends in the virtual world is still associated with the event or major event.

eBay for example an online shopping service recently issued the results of research about the culture of consumer spending. Of note is mentioned eBay, new communities are interested in online shopping when there are major events.

Some of the big events like the celebration of Valentine's Day, World Cup, and when Apple launched the production iPad. In three events, more than 30 million people around the world download the ordered items via online.

eBay on his record shows during the winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, thousands of software packages sold by sports sold online system.

Similarly, when the Tour De France starts in France, or when the World Cup in 2006 in Germany, the community is so excited to buy the clothes or sporting goods via online.

Gadget world is also not left behind. When iPad launched April 4 in the United States, one day after thousands of people flooded the online site eBay, to order that Apple's latest product.

The same thing also happened when the iPhone launched on June 24, four in the United States, people flocked order smartphone and its accessories available to eBay.
Another event which had 'shaken' eBay is when most people celebrate Valentine's Day on 14 February. eBay flooded with orders. Usually people will order jewelry or chocolate. But what happens when Valentine ago, many people who book video games. Nearly 68% of consumers when Valentine ordering video games.

For this year-end holidays also an increase in shopping online. eBay said the sale of goods is almost close to U.S. $ 100 million a month before Christmas. Total sales increased 134% from last year. Total people shop online to reach U.S. $ 1.2 billion.

It's just that the trend of online shopping has not become a tradition. Shopping in a way to meet physically, see first hand the goods sold are most preferred. Shopping online is also plagued the people of Indonesia. But the tradition of spending by far preferred to interact directly

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