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Mobile Newspaper, Easy as Newspaper Subscriptions

Mobile Newspaper, Easy as Newspaper Subscriptions - In today's digital era, the media has transformed the content in a digital format suitable device used to access them. There is media in the form of web sites to be accessed via computer. There's e-paper version for the desktop browser and tablet devices and applications specifically for smartphones. For existing mobile phone version of mobile web .

There is also a new media format in MMS form, called a mobile newspaper . MMS has been used to send images and animations, used to present a series of news. Use of MMS to spread the news content flexible than other formats because MMS lintasplatform, can reach most of the phone, and do not depend browser.

In Indonesia, a mobile newspaper is still new is introduced. One service a mobile newspaper in Telkomsel. That said, the platform application used to package these services made by Huawei, the Chinese telecom vendors who also produce handsets and telecommunications equipment. While the contents in collaboration with a number of media companies in the country.

What kind of mobile newspaper? Information newspaper in Telkomsel mobile services can be obtained by typing * 939 # from your phone. From this menu as well, customers can monitor any content available, while any content subscriptions, subscribe and unsubscribe, and view the ongoing promo.

There are many options there. Currently there are 13 content already available media. Each mobile newspaper for Compass, Genie, Ball, Seputar Indonesia, Nova, Warta Kota, Okesport, Automotive, Trust, Qalbu, Compass Career, My friends, and Hai. Each charge USD 2000 / 7 days to Halo Card and USD 2200 / 7 days for As and Sympathy Cards.

So choose your subscription, shortly sent MMS latest content of the selected media. This time we tried to subscribe to Compass, Nova, Warta Kota , and balls at once. Once registered, there are 4 MMS directly received from the number 2003. Furthermore, shipments of mobile newspaper in the form of MMS come regularly once a day. Mobile newspaper Kompas and Warta Kota each at 06.00 am, the ball at 07.00, and Nova come every morning at 10.00.

Easy as newspaper subscriptions, every edition delivered direct to your routine. If newspapers were thrown into the yard, was sent to the palm of the hand. Two days before the subscription ends no information that sent the SMS subscription will be terminated and have to unsubscribe if you do not want to continue or will be automatically renewed for the week ahead. To stop the subscription, re-press * 939 # and follow the instructions requested.

When viewed from the format, the mobile newspaper is basically a composite image file format. jpg format and text files. txt. Each edition contains an average of 10 news segments within their being targeted. For the Compass instance, most often dominate the political news headlines and one each other rubrics such as international news, business finance, health, entertainment, to the culinary. Nova presents gossip and tricks for women and families through recipes.

Mobile newspaper more as a summary of actual news. However, judging from the contents of a summary of its contents are not entirely the same content of the news media. As mobile newspaper Kompas not mean all of them contain a summary of Compass print edition of the same day, so did the Warta Kota . Moreover, Ball and Nova tabloid actually published periodical is now present every day.

Unlike the print edition, more concise news content and editorial selection. It seems a limited edition of no more than 15 pages with a file size about 45 kb, the process of downloading with 3G networks do not experience significant barriers. Each file can be stored forever as MMS messages. Average each article is presented in two paragraphs. One page takes an average of about 50 scroll to browse the news as a whole, is quite long indeed.

If news content format that is presented can more directly meet the elements 5W compact and 1 H and not too much scrolling , it may be more conveniently accessed from any phone. But, from the subscription model is directly sent to customers, the mobile newspaper had a chance to be one of superior service in cellular networks. Moreover, the MMS format can be used in almost all types of handsets.

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