Friday, November 26, 2010

Turning off the WiFi signal could Tree

Turning off the WiFi signal could Tree  - Radiation network of wireless fidelity (WiFi) that enable us to communicate online with a new enemy for the trees.  A Dutch study shows trees planted adjacent to the wireless router was damaged in the bark and some leaves die. This raises concerns if the WiFi radiation affects the human body.

Alpen aan den Rijn town in the west asking this study five years ago after officials found the abnormalities that can not be explained on the trees around them.

The researchers took samples of 20 ash trees, they were exposed to various kinds of radiation for three months. The trees were exposed to six-frequency radiation sources between 2412-2472 MHz and powered 100 mW, a distance of 20 inches.

Also trees placed closest to the WiFi radio cause damaged the epidermal layer of leaves can even slow the growth of corn cobs.

About 70% of all trees in urban areas showed the same symptoms. Whereas five years ago only 10%. But the trees in dense forest areas are not affected.

But researchers from the University of Wageningen have not confirmed the results of their research and surveys, because it is needed further study whether the WiFi signal blamed for the condition of trees in urban areas.

Other scientists expressed doubts of the study results. "This work not yet published in scientific journals. So we do not have details of the research," said Dr. Michael Clark from the Health Protection Agency.

"But we noted last year there was a claim in the news media and a site that fractions WiFi and cell phone signal effect on bee colonies."

"Things like this have existed since long. Nothing new about WiFi emissions. There is no scientific evidence that supports it," said Marvin Ziskin, a professor of radiology and medical physics at Temple University, USA.  This study will be the subject of a conference in the Netherlands in February next year. (Dailymail)

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