Monday, October 04, 2010

Nintendo 3DS will be launched next February

Interest in gaming console technology of three-dimensional screen to be patient anymore. The reason, Nintendo 3DS will be launched next February  and pass the end of the year shopping season. Thus disclosed the Executive Director of Nintendo Satoru Iwata in Chiba, Japan, on Wednesday (29 / 9) local time.

Iwata acknowledged 3DS game consoles made by his company withdrew from the schedule without specifying the cause. As a result, the projected sales of products to overseas Japanese-owned company that must be cut by 90 billion yen, equivalent to Rp 9.6 trillion of revenue target of 200 billion yen, or around Rp 21.2 trillion. "The plan originally, 3DS launched end of the year. Due to this delay, we lose money," said Iwata.

However, Iwata said they were optimistic because the new game engine has several advantages, namely the user can play 3D games and 3D movies without special glasses. Game consoles are priced at 25 thousand yen, equivalent to Rp 2.6 million.

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