Monday, October 04, 2010

Playbook, Newest Rival iPad & Galaxy Tab

Playbook, Newest Rival  iPad & Galaxy Tab- Blackberry mobile phone manufacturers, RIM (Research in Motion) introduced a tablet computer called Playbook as a response to Apple's product, iPad. "This is one of the most thrilling moment in history," said RIM chief executive officer, Mike Lazaridis Playbook holding in his hand at a press conference in San Francisco, United States, not long ago.

"RIM has created a professional tablet computer with super-advanced features and also uses a flexible operating system." added.

For looks, this tablet will be equipped with seven-inch tablet with a camera facing forward and to the side making it easier for business people to do video conferencing. In addition, the Playbook will also be equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Despite not having the capabilities of 3G, but can access 3G data Playbook if tethered to a cellular phone (mobile) Blackberry smart. As for the operating system (OS), Playbook will not use the Blackberry OS 6, but it uses software QXN which recently acquired by RIM.

QXN has specialized as a tablet computer OS used in powerful cars. Playbook will be sold on the market in early 2011.

Analysts say that RIM's Playbook will provide an opportunity to dominate the electronic markets and places where they have a solid reputation in the eyes of consumers. "Tablet Playbook RIM seems to be a serious challenger to Apple iPad, because they are risking his good name rather than just launching a` fun `other machine," said Stuart Miles, editor of technology website Pocket-Lint told the BBC

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