Friday, October 08, 2010

Firefox 4 Mobile For Android | Free Download Mozilla Mobile

Free Download Mozilla 4 Mobile for Android - Mozilla to show its seriousness working on mobile browser market by releasing a beta version of Firefox 4 platform mobile to Android and (Nokia) Maemo. The browser is much faster than the claimed innate broser Android 2.1 and competes with SunSpider WebKit on Android 2.2.

"The initial version of Firefox made for Android is very slow compared to the default browser. Performance is important in the mobile browser and our efforts to improve it paid off already. Veri latest beta firmer and we have a plan makes it even more quickly," wrote Matt Brubeck on the Mozilla blog , on Thursday (08/10/2010).

Mobile browser, codenamed Fennec 2.0 that uses the same basic layout with a desktop browser Firefox 4 beta. But, Firefox 4 beta use the latest Javascript Mesi and the latest extensions, called JagerMonkey. This beta version also is equipped with Sync to sync Firefox bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords, and data entry in the Firefox browser on different platforms.

According to Brubeck, the presence of Firefox 4 beta is the answer to that carried Apple's WebKit technology and Google. According to him, Webkit that make a web site can be optimized on the mobile platform is very good, but forcing a new web built web-only with Webkit. It is considered dangerous, such as ten years ago when Internet Explorer controls much of the market and most sites use a specific mark-ups only for IE.

"We think people should be able to choose the best browser for mobile such as on his computer. More and more options to encourage all browsers continue to innovate and learn from each other, so that everything continues to improve his speed," he said.

The first version of Firefox Mobile available for Nokia Maemo on the Nokia N900 since January. Following the alpha version for Android available since April. Now Firefox 4 beta can be downloaded to your Nokia N900 and Android on top of version 2.0 in

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