Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Panasonic Launches Exclusive Portable Game Console

Panasonic Launches Exclusive Portable Game Console - Panasonic introduced the Jungle, which is their very first game console designed exclusively for online game and MMORPGs. At first glance, the device was such as a computer equipped with a thin-bodied qwerty keyboard full and touch screen.

However, mention also that similar to the Game Boy Jungle Advance. However, larger and folding design (clamshell). Site The same online writing that has no designs Jungle beautiful. But having a high quality display.

Jungle touted running the Linux operating system. That is, users can not play World of Warcraft. Because, the game can not operate on Linux.

For game consoles, Panasonic appreciate the display and processor with high value. Jungle supports 3G networks and hope operator launches 3G mobile service packages with cheap price

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