Thursday, June 16, 2011

Style pills with Nintendo and Xbox

Style pills with Nintendo and Xbox. While Nintendo's new console tries to be the most powerful on the market, Xbox Live is expanding its commitment to cell phones.

Nintendo wants to break the mold: the new Nintendo Wii is called U will be the most powerful on the market.

At least that's what some game developers have had access to the first development kits for the new system and have a rough idea of ​​the power that the new system would provide for game development.

The successor to the Wii includes a tablet, that would also command. Would be released in 2012.

Xbox says yes to mobile

"The mobile market is becoming increasingly risky, especially with mobile devices becoming more intelligent. So we decided to focus our stake in the telephone sector, integrating Windows Phone Xbox Live 7, for example, "said Dennis Durkin Microsoft.

Xbox Live games, in fact, now account for 70% of revenues OS cell phone playable star of the company that created Windows

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