Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Intel prepares new mobile processors

Intel prepares new mobile processors by the end of 2012. Intel Chief Executive, Paul Otellini, Has denied rumors suggesting that technology could take the rival ARM Holdings to build 'chips' phones and smartphones. The company is preparing to launch their products for the mobile sector, scheduled for late 2011.

Intel no ha logrado hasta ahora conseguir consolidar procesadores en los teléfonos inteligentes, A red-hot market in which the 'chip' technology designed with companies like Qualcomm and ARM Holdings, which is rapidly becoming the most used options.

Some experts have said the Intel architecture, originally intended for PC is difficult to adapt to make 'chips' mobile and that Intel would use ARM technology.

"There is no advantage in this, we would be beholden to someone else, indebted to ARM. This would reduce the overall benefits, "Said Otellini." I think we can do better. "
More benefits

Intel executives have also noted that consumers in China and other emerging markets are buying PCs for first time are driving healthy growth in the company's core business. Otellini confirmed its expectation that PC sales will increase to "double digits" this year.

Intel shares have risen by 19% from the record company's quarterly earnings that handily beat expectations had been raised.

But investors remain worried about the sales of heavy industrial PC and Hewlett-Packard, which on Tuesday cut its forecast for the year. For all this, the current mobile device market can be key to the future for Intel.
New 'chip'

Intel, whose chips are the brains in 80% of the world's computers, he hastens to improve the energy consumption of its mobile processors new 'chips' to the 'tablets' and 'smartphones'.

To put 'chips' advanced mobile devices faster, Otellini has said that Intel could increase the pace of implementation of new manufacturing technologies. Intel currently adopts new manufacturing technology every two years.

This month, Intel announced the first steps of the next-generation technology transistors in modernizing 'Microchips' that could be a significant advantage in 'tablets' and smartphones, where Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Nvidia are the main actors.

Intel claims that its new 'chips' 3D offers a new manufacturing process that gives a 37% jump in performance while consuming less electricity, a key point of the sale of ARM.

The chief executive of ARM, Warren East, Has said that Intel 3D technology would not affect plans ARM partners to manufacture the 'chips' most powerful company.
Great perspectives

The market for 'chips' phones is still small businesses compared to Intel's PC processors, but investors expect to grow rapidly.

'Smartphones' with the new 'chip' Intel Medfield will go on sale next year, executives have said the company.

"With the improvements we Medfield Energy for phones. We are working with several clients and began to wait for the launch later this year," confirmed Intel's chief financial officer, Stacy Smith.

In April, Intel introduced a new 'chip' for the 'tablets', codenamed Oak TrailAnd said to be used in more than 35 tablets and hybrid devices, manufactured by companies such as Fujitsu and Lenovo.

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