Friday, March 04, 2011

Smarter parking with an Android phone

Smarter parking with an Android phone - Parkmobile The application is available in the Android Market. This application allows Android users smart and easy parking. It's very simple: drive to a parking sign Parkmobile position with the application and the amount at the end of the month of your written account. Never fight with a parking meter, the Android application does all the work for you.

Parking with Park Mobile, in over 25 cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. In some cities it is possible to park in a garage, like in Amsterdam (Rembrandtplein), Deurne and Venray.

The advantage of Parkmobile is that customers never pay too much. You pay to park and then when you log out with the Android application. It is also possible for several cars to park a 06-number and you'll never need to refill the meter intermediate.

"We are very proud that after all iPhoneOwners, now Android smartphone users based on their location automatically offer an area code. This zone number are only required to verify and confirm them with making a touch parked. With another touch that they can just as easily stop, "said Allard Hansen, Marketing Manager Mobile Park. "We expect a lot of Android now and in the near future. The explosive growth of smartphones with this operating system was a logical step for Park Mobile to launch this app now. "

For more information on the website of Park Mobile. Mobile park is free to download. Direct install? Go to the web version of the Market and click 'Install'. The application is then automatically installed on your machine. Surfing in the mobile browser on your Android phone? Click here to install the application directly.

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