Monday, January 17, 2011

RIM bangun NODE BLACKBERRY di Indonesia

RIM bangun NODE BLACKBERRY di Indonesia - Government welcomes if Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry network nodes will be established in Indonesia to serve users in the ASEAN region. That said Director General of Post and Telecommunications Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Muhammad Budi Setiawan at the sidelines of a hearing the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, in the House of Representatives Commission I on Monday (1/17/2011).

He expressed the node or network aggregator can serve as a substitute for a local server or data center , which previously required the government. The presence of nodes , according to him can also press the access bandwidth international Internet and facilitate the performance of law enforcement to conduct wiretaps.

"With the nodes , bandwidth so more could be done cheaper and interception law allows law enforcement officers, "said Budi.

He explained that the node is functioning as penyederhana data traffic. The node is also a point of collecting the various networks that previously every carrier network directly transmitted to the center of the RIM servers in Canada.

"Its function is the same as local servers. With the node this, data will be used to the node prior to Canada. so law enforcement officials if you want to do the tapping could be done more easily, "said Budi.

However, the establishment of a new discourse for this node in the Asia Pacific. Still unclear whether it will set up in Indonesia or not.

"Although they say it to Southeast Asia, but I do my optimistic, they will wake up in Indonesia because next year the target BB users in Indonesia reached 10 million users," he said.

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