Tuesday, January 04, 2011

iPad so Media List Restaurant Menu

iPad so Media List Restaurant Menu - More and more restaurants in America that use the IPAD as a substitute for the menu list. Not just a mere sweetener, but gadgets that Apple is believed to increase the number of orders.

Cut Steakhouse in Chicago restaurants, for example. iPad which functioned as a restaurant menu proved to be effective mengatrol wine sales (wine), which provided time for dinner.

David Flom, Chicago Cut restaurant manager, admits that IPAD is supplied to the restaurant menu is a great investment. But it all started to pay off with the results obtained.

"We saw an increase of 20% for each wine that was ordered each of our customers. IPAD can not be expected to bring increased 100%, but we believe the result is quite significant," he detikINET quotes from the AP on Tuesday (01/04/2011).

Steakhouse restaurant is invested 40 iPad a cost of U.S. $ 700 (approximately USD 7 million) for each unit. iPad presents a dinner menu and 750 wines are available through an exciting interactive applications.

Cut Chicago is not alone. Many other restaurants are also using the IPAD as a replacement device traditional menu laminating paper. For example, Au Bon Pain in Boston and 4Food in New York.

They acknowledge, with IPAD is connected online to the Internet not only facilitate the ordering, but also make payment by credit card so much simpler.

Patrick Eldon, chief executive of orderTALK Inc.. who built the online ordering system for restaurants, assess IPAD can also offer value to build customer relationships. Through devices, the restaurant can make a digital survey, collect email addresses of customers, and offers a dinner program

"We know more about our customers in a way which we can not find out through our servants. From what we can get the most valuable customer data, such as how often they eat, and order what they like," said Eldon.

Not only in restaurants in general, IPAD also serve meals at the John F Kennedy International Airport in New York by OTG Management. Noted there are more than 200 iPad is installed, so that visitors who are hungry can easily order a salad or sandwich while waiting for flight schedule.

"After the food is presented, the payment can be cash or through the iPad. Currently we only provide hundreds of IPAD, and we hope that the number could be thousands in the future," said chief executive officer of OTG, Rick Blatstein.

IPAD also a mainstay restaurant menus in the ship. For example, the Celebrity Cruises ship that provides 75 iPad on every voyage. (source : detikINET)

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