Monday, January 10, 2011

Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) Riview

Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) Riview - ASUS has been active in the development of hardware for PC gaming for years by the name of Republic of Gamers (ROG).

At CES 2011, such as expressed in Asus official statement on Monday (1/10/2011), ASUS has introduced a device that includes supporting gaming computer motherboards, graphics cards, audio devices, network devices, and desktops designed specifically for upscale entertainment .

The first is the ROG Rampage III Black Edition is designed by taking into account feedback gathered from the PC gaming community. LAN combo card with additional audio / ROG called Thunderbolt, as well as upscale Xonar audio solutions that provide outstanding sound quality. It also features an integrated headphone amplifiers, which automatically optimizes the impedance setting, plus a reinforced Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Processing Unit of E2100 to detect and accelerate data network gaming. Combined overall audio features deliver the best and maximum network performance for gamers.

Then ASUS HD 6870 graphics card DirectCU which is optimal for DirectX 11, using AMD's latest GPU and added proprietary technology to produce performance well above the reference design graphic cards. This powerful product comes with advanced technology ASUS, Super Alloy Power that uses a formula of special alloy for the main power components, such as chokes, capacitors, and MOSFETs. ASUS HD 6870 graphics accelerators DirectCU is ideal for gamers and overclockers, with 15 percent performance improvement and technical life 2.4 times longer than other graphics cards.

DirectCU ASUS exclusive cooling technology becomes standard, copper pipes in direct contact with the GPU thus improving cooling performance up to 20 percent cooler than reference design graphic cards. This graphics card is also equipped with ASUS exclusive technology Voltage Tweak, lets users perform overvolting and easy overclocking for enhanced performance.

Vulcan ROG ANC is the answer to the needs of professional gamers who need a special headset for all types of games. As the world's first gaming headset equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology, the Vulcan was designed with active noise canceling with 85 percent of performance can reduce noise and 30dB of passive noise isolation, enabling gamers to enjoy superior audio in the game to win.

Ergonomic design with a lightweight, ergonomic memory foam and is made of pressure-free which is very comfortable, leather wrapped with specially selected, Vulcan has a shape that is very fitting for each ear, which is suitable for long gaming sessions. In terms of audio performance, Vulcan 40mm speaker drivers to adopt a very large and refined with the bass EQ so as to provide a detailed and powerful sound, with bass that rumbled for an impressive sound quality, plus the omni-directional microphones with noise-canceling ensure that only the words You are heard.

In addition there are also dual-band wireless router RT-N66U from ASUS presents new generation connectivity that super-fast, up to 450Mbps per band simultaneously. RT-N66U worked well at 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, and supports simultaneous data sessions up to 300,000 are impressive, about 20 times the capacity of most routers. This makes the RT-N66U choice for gamers, with better throughput, so avoid the lag and open many opportunities for multitasking, users can download content while playing games online without feeling that the speed reduction is usually found in ordinary router.

RT-N66U equipped with a hardware NAT to ease the burden on the overall system by freeing the CPU from the netcode in the background. RT-N66U also a Gigabit Ethernet router that actually, supports 1Gbps connections to the best broadband speeds.

ASUS CG8350 covers everything, making it a powerful desktop PC as a gaming platform ideal with stunning performance, sophisticated hardware, upgrade potential is more than enough, and easily accessible by the user. CG8350 equipped with an Intel 'Sandy Bridge' Core i7-2600 and 2.0 Turbo Boost technology for instant CPU overclocking. Graphics use the ASUS GTX 460 graphics card compatible with DirectX-11, based on technology 'Fermi' from NVIDIA. These specifications are transformed into high-definition PC gaming, the best quality with a special price.

CG8350 uses solid capacitors on the motherboards for the 100 percent increase stability, the lifetime is longer and reliability. Also equipped with ASUS exclusive technology Energy Processing Unit (EPU), a programmable mikrocip manage overall system power consumption to save energy. With USB 3.0 with data transfer speeds up to ten times faster than USB 2.0, the more complete this powerful gaming desktop

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