Monday, January 03, 2011

40 Tablets Appear at CES Exhibition

40 Tablets Appear at CES Exhibition  - Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which starts on January 6 this will certainly flooded with tablet computers.

According to the organizers, there are about 40-80 tablet computer that will be exhibited in the annual event for four days.

Although there are many tablets will appear at CES, but the analysts believe none of that really would threaten the existence of the iPad.

Moreover, this year Apple iPad also soon launch the second generation, which has been equipped with USB ports and camera.

Android and Windows operating system is considered "not suitable" for tablet computers, at least for one year to the next. That is, the domination continues the iPad.

"Tablet that will emerge is still ugly. And I think it can not compete with the iPad, "said independent analyst of Silicon Valley, Rob Enderle.

Among the few tablets that will appear this year, the tablet made by Hewlett-Packard is the most promising. But there was no model at CES.

Apple seems to be a star CES, though they did not take part in this event. "All vendors are now chasing the success of Apple," Enderle said.

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