Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thosiba REGZA GL 1 The First 3D LCD TV Without Glasses

 Toshiba REGZA GL 1 The First 3D LCD TV Without Glasses - To enjoy a three-dimensional content on the TV screen during the audience is always obliged to use special glasses. However, from now on, it no longer. Toshiba has pioneered the LCD TV products that can display 3D images without depending on glasses again alias can simply be enjoyed with the naked eye.

TV is on sale in Japan on Wednesday (22/12/2010). Currently only available model that GL1 REGZA 12-inch. One unit was sold quite expensive, which is 119,800 yen or approximately USD 13.5 million. Models with more screen width of 20 inches will follow the weekend.

Not easy to display three-dimensional images that can be directly visible to the naked eye on the LCD screen. So far, other producers just apply it on the small screen, such as Sharp, which introduced it to the smartphone . Nintendo is also using such technology on your video game Nintendo 3DS.

Toshiba technology that enables digital image is presented with viewpoints different to be accepted right and left eye. During this time, it is arranged through a filter of red and blue on three-dimensional glasses. If want to see videos that are not three dimensional, there is a choice to change the mode to normal view.

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